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Step by Step Training: How to Grow in Longrich Business

How to Make 6-7 Figures From Longrich Business

Step by Step Training: How to Grow in Longrich Business


Are you looking for information on how to grow in Longrich business? If yes, then I have got good news for you! My name is Emmanuel Eduru, I am a 2 Star Director with Longrich biosciences. If there’s anyone who’s qualified to give you solid information on how to grow in Longrich business, then I should be this person.



Because I have been there, done this and that! I have earned more than N100,000,000 from this amazing business between 2019 and this year 2020. But before I proceed with this training, I want to be sure that you already understand what the Longrich business is about.


Longrich is a multinational Company that manufactures health and beauty products. The company has been in existence for more than 33 years. Apart from manufacturing its own products, Longrich also manufactures products for other multinational companies like:


  • GSK
  • AVON
  • CARREFOUR etc.


A couple of years back, Longrich decided to give individuals like You and Me the opportunity to become its partner, the reason for doing this is to empower people to make money by leveraging on its business platform. By doing this, Longrich has raised thousands of Millionaires all over the world.


I am not saying this because I want to sweet talk you, I am saying this because it is what it is! I have lost count of how many millions of Naira this amazing company has paid me in the past 6 years. Want to learn more about Longrich? You can read my article Here. Now that you know about the Longrich business, let’s proceed to the topic of discussion.


How to Grow in Longrich Business

Without a well thought out strategy, you will get frustrated in this business. You need to have a good plan, stick with it and also be flexible enough to to add new methods of growing. After your registration, you pick up your products from the stockist in your area, the next step is to start getting people to join your business.


How Can You Get People to Join You?

First, you need to look at the kind of people already available to you. Start from the known to the unknown. I bet more than 70% of your friends and looking for a way to earn extra money. What if you could reach out to them and teach them how to make money from Longrich?


Start by making a list of these people, then you decide on the medium through which you want to reach out to them. You can create a broadcast list on your Whatsapp, write a compelling script and send to them. Don’t just add them to a Whatsapp group, they should join the group on their own request.


People don’t like it when you randomly add them to a group, hence the reason why I suggested using a broadcast list; it delivers to them individually. After the person reads the message, depending on his/her response you can place a call thereafter to explain more about the business.


By using this strategy, you can also invite them to attend a physical training. As a newbie, it might not be easy for you trying to convince people, it would be wise to get them to hear from other people who are grounded in the business. Do you understand? It makes it easier for you.


But Emma, What if I Reach Out to Those I Know and They Don’t Join?

Well, they should not be your last bus stop. As a matter of fact, most of the people you know will not join your business immediately. The truth is that a great percentage of them would always want to see what you have gotten out of the business before they sign up. But it’s okay, if you have social media accounts you can write about your business.


How many friends do you have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc? Do you know that you can actually get people to join your business by consistently posting about it? You just need to be strategic about it. You can draw up a content plan for the week or for the month, you can actually schedule the posts. Be sure to give out lots of value.


Use Targeted Paid Ads: 

One of the skills I encourage you to learn is the art of using paid Facebook and Instagram ads to target the right people who’d be interested in joining your business. If you master this skill, you can sell anything to anybody, anywhere in the world. You can also use Google adwords to get people to join your team.


There’s still more to talk about. But at least I hope you have learned a bit of how to grow in Longrich business. After you sign up with me, I will provide you with more useful training that will help you grow in the Longrich business. Click Here to Get Started!


Talk soon

Emmanuel Eduru


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