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Longrich Registration Fees: How to Sign Up and Start Making Money

How to Make 6-7 Figures From Longrich Business

Longrich Registration Fees: How to Sign Up and Start Making Money

longrich registration fees

The Longrich registration fees are actually referred to as “Entry Levels”. Actually Longrich registration is free, but in order for you to start earning, you need to have a specific amount of PV (Product Value). In this article, I’d be talking about the different entry levels in Longrich known to some people as “Longrich Registration Fees”.


Like I mentioned earlier, there are different entry levels and each of these entry levels determine the percentage you earn every week or every month as the case maybe. Find below the Longrich registration fees:



Student package: (4PV)

Qsilver level: (60PV). Earn 8% of referrals.

Silver level: (120PV). Earn 8% of referral PVs.

Gold level: (240PV). Earn 10% of referral PVs.

Platinum level: (720PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs.

VIP level: (1,680PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs + a share of 1% global PVs.

As a member, you will have a membership code with which you can keep track of all purchases, referrals, and bonuses/incentives using our online portal (aka back office).

Get in touch with me and I will guide you to your nearest center for start up. Call or Whatsapp +447565432243







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The starter package was introduced to help individuals who cannot sign up with the other plans to come on-board, earn and then upgrade.


As a QSilver member, you’d get 8% of the work performed by yourself and partners under you every week. Your activities are counted in PVs. For example, if you register someone as a Silver member, it means you have accumulated 120PV in your group. Do you understand? Anything done by your team members, will definitely count for you.


Refer to the entry levels above, as you can see each of them have a percentage earnings per week, that is what Longrich will pay you for the work done. Now for the VIP plan, you can see that apart from being paid 12%, Longrich will also partake in the 1% profit share. Every month, one percent of Longrich profit is shared among all the VIPs and this amount accumulates in points.


One VIP point equals $100. The exchange rate for Longrich is N200, when you multiply this you’d get N20,000. You can request for the money whenever you want to. But please let me clarify, it’s important that you build a team and there’s activities performed by you and your partners every week.


But What If I Don’t Want to Do The Referral Thing?

You have the option of becoming a stockist. As a Longrich stockist, you don’t necessarily need to refer people. You need to invest to earn 4-6% every month. A second requirement is that you need to have a shop, it is required for you to store the products that would be given to you after payment.Β 

Chat me up to discuss the stockist investment plan, CLICK HERE


Your shop should also be able to accommodate up to 20 people for weekly seminars. After you sign up as a stockist, Longrich will publish your information on its website which boasts of over a million people. The reason for doing this is to inform all its members that your shop is available in the specified location.


So let’s say for example I need to register someone in Maitama, Abuja and you have your shop in Maitama I’d call you to handle the registration in your shop. You log prospect details with your stockist code and Longrich records it. At the end of the month, they accumulate all the PVs generated from sales in your shop and pay you. Sounds good right?



There’s also the ” Fast Rich Pack”, it’s a QSilver pack but different. You can not select products for this particular pack, the products are fixed. Also, when you sign up with this plan and you refer someone with this same plan, you get paid a certain referral bonus.


✨ Fast rich pack

Chat me up for more details, CLICK HERE




  • Total of 60PV
  • Automatic upgrade to Silver
  • It is a sponsorship promo (earn on people you sponsor or introduce to FRP)
  • Earn instant bonus paid to your account the next work day as a sponsor.
  • Get product worth more than the amount you paid.



πŸ”…6 Toothpaste 200g
πŸ”…6 Handcream
πŸ”…6 Mosquito Repellent
πŸ”…3 2in1 shampoo
πŸ”…3 White Tea shampoo
πŸ”…2 mini packs Panty liner

Enjoy super fast bonus!


Now that you know about the Longrich Registration Fees, what’s the next step? Decide on which of the plans you want to sign up with, make payment to the Longrich bank account below and contact me with proof of payment so I can complete your registration. Chat me up on Whatsapp now, CLICK HERE

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